From Our Clients

The following letters are a sampling of the accolades and testimonials with which we proudly decorate the walls of our offices. If you would like any further references, by specific type of job or customer, we will be glad to provide them for you. We invite you to please take the time to read them, for they are an extension of the pride, passion and dedication we put forth in our work.

Dear Dan,

Jim and I would be terribly remiss if we did not acknowledge and thank you for the superlative work you did on the landscaping of our home.  It is obvious to us that you were meticulous in your design and management of this project. In addition to your professionalism and perfectionism, we would also like to recognize the efforts of your dedicated crew:  Gary, Kevin, Ullysses, Alfonzo, and the others.  They were extremely conscientious, polite and a real pleasure to have around.

It is very clear to us that you really care about what you do. This was evidenced, not only in your work, but in the positive working relationship we developed with you.  It certainly goes without saying that we would highly recommend Lakeland Landscaping.

Thank you for transforming our house into a home.

With Deepest Appreciation,

Kim & Jim G.

Dear Dan,

We are delighted with the landscape/lighting work performed, but are most impressed with the Cambridge paving stone walkway!  As you know, we’ve entertained many neighbors stopping by to “check out” the work you’ve done here.  Everyone agrees- the walkway is gorgeous!

I also find it necessary to bring to your attention the professionalism of your work crew.  We’ve hired many technicians to perform a variety of work only to find a mess left behind.  Your crew disturbed only what needed to be disturbed, repaired as necessary, and left our property clean and debris free.  We, along with our neighbors, were most impressed with this aspect of your staff.

Please feel free to use as a reference for prospective clients.  We look forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Sharon S.

Dear Dan,

I would like to commend the work done by your crew pruning and trimming select trees on August 3, 2007.  It was a hot, humid day, and yet your workers did an outstanding job.  They worked continuously and cleaned up after the work was completed.  Except for the fact that my trees looked perfectly pruned, my property was left as if no one had been there.

As you know, I have recommended your company to many neighbors and friends.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional service your company provides.

Sincerely, Pat M.

Dear Dan,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for an excellent job performed recently at our home.  From the conceptual design to implementation and completion your company far exceeded our expectations. The walkway looks excellent, the worksite was left clean and the project was completed ahead of schedule, despite some weather delays.

Thank you and your team again for a job well done!

Mr. and Mrs. Brett L.

Dear Dan,

On June 17th, my husband, our son and I moved in to our newly built home here in Randolph. Like so many projects, its completion had been a labor of love, using every spare moment that year as well as a number of hours that were not spare at all.  At last, we saw our work was done.  Of course, as we already knew, much of our work was just beginning.

Our “builder’s landscaping” left much to be desired, but our family decided enough was enough.  We would take a few months to settle in before addressing the issue of proper landscaping.  Fortunately for us, before a transfer to Toronto, we had already enjoyed positive experiences with Lakeland Landscaping.  By early autumn, we were working together once more…

Again, countless hours were spent putting our collective heads together.  Earlier our builder had been our partner in the creation of our house. At this point you became a partner in our goal to enhance our home with soft and quiet, yet lovely landscaping.  We had certainly come to the right landscaper!  Ever so gradually the layout for our walkways, deck, pool and multiple planting areas took shape on paper.  By Thanksgiving our beautiful walkways and stonewalls were installed!

All went to rest for the winter but resumed as early as March.  Throughout the next seven months you worked tirelessly and with deep conviction to bring all aspects of the various projects to fruition.  Indeed your commitment extended to working closely with pool, deck, sprinkler and fencing contractors.  As well, we saw early on that each of your crews kept to your same high standards.  Ever polite, cordial and committed, they were as unobtrusive on any given day as they possibly could be.  As spring moved into summer and summer into autumn there was rarely a dull moment at Tudor Place.  Multiple deliveries of trees, bushes and plants quickly helped us visualize a gracious front yard while truckloads of cedar created eager anticipation of lazy days on a softly curving deck.  Seed was sown and sod unrolled, sprinklers sprinkled the pool opened and a cabana gradually grew up at its far end.  Hard work was paying off… magic was happening.  This time the yard went to bed for the winter fully and finely dressed.  We and I suspect you, Dan, breathed a deep sigh and collapsed in relief but with very broad smiles of satisfaction on our faces.

As the year following completion has passed your work has brought many compliments from neighbors and friends. The best compliment of all has been the deep pleasure we have enjoyed as one season unfolds into the next.  We see all of that planning and its execution quietly settling in and its real beauty unfolding.  Upon returning home one afternoon last spring I marveled at how wonderful it was to see the season’s glory so magnificently in my own back yard. Why, I asked myself for a moment didn’t I remember it from the previous year?  Pause…. Because it had not been there last spring!  Our solid working relationship continued this year with plans for additional sections of the property.  Not only were we up and running with you again, we had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Craig and Kathy.  Within a few weeks the far end and corner as well as a side section were transformed into suitable extensions of the primary yards. The completed picture is pleasing indeed!

We have long respected your expertise, trusted your professional opinion and been impressed with the caliber of your crews. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment to our project and attention to detail. Verbally we have conveyed these thoughts numerous times to you as well as potential clients and our home has been available as a reference.  It has taken a while but here, at last is a hard copy of our very positive feelings for the CEO, Executive Vice President and the entire staff at Lakeland.  It is our pleasure to continue working with you!

Yours Truly,
Harry and Carlene B